Best Greek Food in Farmington says a Customer

Bosco’s first experience was the flavorful pita wrap. This pita wrap isn’t your average size. Coming in at a whopping 9″, he compares it that of a big personal pizza. The pizza reference isn’t that far off. After selecting the pita option, you then continue down the flavor line adding all of your favorite toppings and sauces.

Bosco will return to try the rest of our protein options that include: Lemon Chicken, Original Gyro, Smoked Garlic Herb Chicken, Chicken Gyro and Veggie Falafel.

Best Greek place in town. Makes the 40 min drive well worth it. 9″ Pita makes it like a big personal pizza with all the toppings that you want. Amazing amount of meat. Fresh ingredients that my body is loving (because I don’t eat a lot of vegetables) and the loaded fries to die for. The yogurt bar is my favorite. Pick all the topping you want and type of honey to sweeten it to make a refreshing finish. Staff was more then helpful in my decision making process and be a regular to try the rest of their meats!

Bosco P n
Salt lake city, utah

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